Grace Fellowship

Helping all people become passionately

devoted disciples of Jesus Christ

Who we are.


Greetings from Thailand

Our Mission

Helping All People Become Passionately
Devoted Disciples of Jesus Christ.

We value the Mission through our Values. Although Grace Fellowship has many values, we have narrowed them down to the Top 5 Values listed below. We have identified the following to give us a greater focus so we might produce the greatest impact for the Kingdom of God.

How We Value the Mission

Grace Fellowship's Top 5 Values:

G- Genuine Love-Sincerely showing it. (Matthew 22:37-39)

R- Relational Authenticity- Honestly living Christianity. (1 John 3: 16-18)

A- Active Evangelism-Intentionally sharing Christ. (Mark 16:15)

C- Compassionate Service- Selflessly meeting needs. (Luke 10: 25-37)

E- Engaging Worship-Wholly adoring God. (Psalm 63: 1-2)

How We Measure the Mission:

Have I shown love today? Love to God and others

Have I met with God today? Constant communication with God

Have I obeyed God's Word today? Hungry to obey God's Word

How am I serving? Servant for God and others

Am I a generous giver? Generous with Time, Talent and Money for God

Who am I leading towards Christ? Disciple Maker

How we Accomplish the Mission