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Most of us like sports; we purchase shirts, bumper stickers, flags and even coffee mugs to support our favorite team. We may even dress our kids up to help us (Whether they like it or not.) So you got your gear you got the game on the T.V., you may even have tickets and have driven to a live game. The team sprints out of the locker room onto the field, they burst through the banners amidst cheers of adoring fans, and cheerleaders jumping with pompoms waving in the air. You waited all year to afford these tickets and you can smell the grass from here. The coach has called in the play. The two teams are out on the field now and in the huddle no doubt discussing their strategy, and giving each other a pep talk to get excited about what they are about to do. You are so excited, the huddle of guys continues, they must have a big play in mind. The whole stadium is sitting on the edge of their seats for this one; the players are taking their time. They just want to get it right. The refs are in a discussion now, as the huddle continues, there is movement from the huddle a gesture, a motion from the team. They are waving to each other and to the crowd. Cool, now we get to see some action. But wait they are waving goodbye and heading back into the locker room. It is over, both teams are leaving. What? Most churches are like that team that that never plays the game. We gather together on Sunday morning for service, we get together with our small groups during the week. We talk about Gods plan and what we can do and should do to be the best we can be for him. Then we shake hands wave goodbye and go home. God has called the play, service and small groups are the huddle. It is time we ‘Break the Huddle’ and get in the game. Join us in ‘Breaking the Huddle’ this Sunday when we put Gods plan for helping and loving others in our community to work.
3420 Murrell Rd. Rockledge FL 32955

Grace Fellowship

3420 Murrell Road

Rockledge, Fl  32955

Phone: 321-636-3051