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Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

The Characters of Christmas

December 24th, 2014 (5:00 pm and 6:30 pm)

Come see the Christmas story through the eyes of Mary,

Joseph, the shepherds and many more, and hear how they were affected by the birth of Jesus Christ.

Rejoice, The Savior Is Born.


Thanks, to all of you for your prayers and support during the Christmas Tree sales for the Lily House, Dominican Republic.  There will be many lives changed from your efforts.  There were even lives affected during the sales.  Here is one story....


A Very Unusual Christmas Tree.


At the beginning of this year I decided to give away the fake Christmas tree and all the since collected items that accompanied me when coming to Florida.


Gone were the moments when celebrating the birth of our Savior meant that Saul, my beloved husband would be near, discovering a new ornament hanging from a freshly acquired tree, one that by the end of the month of December would start to look as old as the year itself.


As I now live alone and friends have remained far away in spite of my invitations to come visit me, I'd figured there was no sense in decorating a tree no one saw but myself...I will just go to my son's home and enjoy the one he and his wife adorned year after year, I said to myself.  It never occurred to me in a couple of months, she would be gone to pursue her own--apparently unfulfilled--dreams.  Noah and Alex remained with my son even though they are not his children.  He just offered them a loving, stable home for the last 15 years of their lives.  It is a joy for me to know they will continue to grow knowing that my son loves them unconditionally.  And so do I by the way.  And there I was... No tree to share with them and an almost empty bank account.  What to do?


The idea of going out to start buying all over again the necessary decorating items was not what my heart wanted to do, but after visiting them the idea that maybe just maybe, I could find a small tree that I could afford to buy was on my mind.  Last Saturday afternoon on my way home I saw a "Christmas Trees for sale" sign and turned around to inquire. 


When I asked the Gentleman that was there when are you going to put the trees up for sale?  He said: “We have sold everyone we had.  It is our Church's way to help others in need.  We have just sold the last three to one person!”


Well... I would be happy with just some of those branches... I said, seeing a discarded pile nearby.


Please take as many as you need.  I was just about to put them on the back of my truck and dispose of them... While I gathered some that looked as if they had possibilities, the gentleman came back carrying gifts like Santa Clause would while saying: "You might like to add these to them...and my hands were then filled with colorful decorations, created by the hands of loving worshipers.


I departed but not before asking his name.  Joel he said... my name is Joel...


And so I came home inspired to create a tree out of those branches...


The finished product reflects the kindness of a stranger, the devotion of the members of Grace Fellowship of Brevard to others and the unseen blessings of our Lord.


Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year.